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The Second American Revolution

July 30, 2011 1 comment

The Second American Revolution:

As we come to the middle of 2011, so many things are happening in our world. Earthquakes, volcano’s tropical storms, tornadoes, the debt ceiling, the wars in how many countries?

The “Theatrics” in Washington and now, the 2012 election rears it’s ugly head, and on and on and on it’s enough to make you hurl!

Many of you, if you’re reading my words are “seekers” and know the the main stream media is devoid of any real news, espousing only propaganda from the Reich.

The “newscasters” are not opinionated sages, nor wisdom dripping oracles but in fact, paid script readers.

“Wizards” who are experts at slide of hand to focus the sleeping “sheeple” on the right hand while the left steals their human rights, liberties and wallets.

As they regurgitate their nightly/ hourly diatribes on how bad things are (and they are) they are doing the work of their masters.

They manipulate the masses into a politically motivated frenzy as easily as a goathearder on a mountian in Afghanistan. This culminates in the birth of the “Tea Party” and other like organizations which in my opinion are both good and bad.

Let’s examine the Tea Party and it’s like:

First, there is the good, they do have the effect of awakening the sleeping giant, but is it to the truth he or she awakes?

Second, if the giant is awakened, but not to the truth, what have we gained?

Make NO mistake, we are in a “War” for our very freedoms and survival of those who come after us.

The War “machine” is focused on the one thing all war machines focus on, victory at any cost.

As we watch and read  about drone strikes in distant lands we can only surmise the character of the machine we at home may face.

The opposing force knows no flag or nation state, it upholds no traditions of honor or integrity of same, it cares NOT about collateral damage to innocents but only to it’s own end, it’s corporate bottom line and it’s victory.

This is a global war, in essence WWIII that has already begun. It is being waged by the hour through “psywar ops” on the ground, in  the streets, on  the farms, in the grocery stores and in the media as we discussed above.

So in my humble opinion the Tea Party is late to the battlefield, they seek to start a peaceful revolution, when in fact we should be focused on stopping the revolution that has already begun.

As with any war against a superior force (they have all the money) we must examine where they are weak and we are strong.

We can not go toe to toe against them, to even imply such would be utter folly.

Examine resistance movements from other conflicts throughout history where a small force has defeated the larger better equipped OPFOR.

Direct conflict is sure suicide, small forces thrive on mobility, speed, subversion, and  interdiction to inflict pain and suffering on the larger force.

So to stop this bloodless (so far on our soil) coups d’état what must we do?

Violence is NOT the answer, getting your pitchfork and torch and heading to the capital is NOT the answer. In fact they salivate at the very thought of just that.

No, we must act with stealth, we must use slide of hand against them, we must act as the Jujitsu Master and use their bloated weight against them keeping them off balance.

How do we do this O Wise One?

As the history shows we must hit them where it hurts, THEIR wallet ( which = OUR wallet), we must work from the bottom up, not the top down. Where are they weak? Their size!

To move a machine of their bloated girth requires what? Fuel, which equals money!

We need to run them out of gas as in the movie Battle of the Bulge. Their gas is what? Money which equals control.

But they have the power, don’t they?

Do They?

If we were to exercise free thinking, personal sovereignty over our own lives, coupled with a little elbow grease and sweat we could begin to throw Goliath off balance by starving the machine of its insatiable thirst for fuel..

By getting off grid, growing some of your food, producing some of your own electricity, forming barter groups, buying local, working within your community to increase awareness of the real truth of our current and future situations we can achieve OUR mission endgame.

To starve them we need to be producers, NOT CONSUMERS, remember they “the infamous they” DO NOT PRODUCE anything!

If we become our own producers we lower the amount of money we need to live. Less income equals less revenue. This in the long term starves the machine and runs it out of gas.

Forget about the 2012 election, it’s all puppet and master, IMHO your time is better spent on preperations. I no longer believe our vote has counted since JFK.

I know Ron Paul and the like. Remember last ime after all the money he received , he did what? He dropped out.

Put it this way, has any, ANY congressman or “Law-maker” ever really tried to do away with the FED? Or to instill “Sound Money”? No.

The last two who did that most have heard of are JFK and Honest Abe.

Ask yourself why and you will arrive at your destination.

Do your due diligence, watch “The Money Masters”on Youtube: Link below,

Look up the meaning of Capitis Diminutio Maxima and do your research. There is no excuse for ignorance.

Being a victim is a choice!

Turn off the TV that destroys your critical thinking ability.

Think of it this way, if the program you are watching can’t teach you anything, is it of any value to you or your family?

Get outside and get to work, get fit, read the labels on what you buy to eat and drink, do your research.

Stop poisoning yourselves and your children with fast food because it’s convenient for you. So what if little Johnny is 10 years old and is a 180lb diabetic? Right?

Wake up and fight the battle! It can be done, get together with people of like mind and spirit! Every day is a battle but another day closer to victory.

In the end the war can be won.

If we look ahead to the day of victory it will not be one of flag waving and victory celebrations, but one of weeping for the lost and looking forward to the long arduous journey of rebuilding what what was once a great nation.

It should be one of teaching the youth of that day to look for the signs that were EVERYWHERE but ignored by the lazy, lethargic and sluggard.

It should be taught in the history books when the second American Revolution began the American people didn’t even notice.

It will be looked upon by the Remnant as the period of shame of the American people who were given the gift of a free Republic but chose comfort over vigilance and in the end could not keep it.

Now that we have had our daily dose of reality, get busy and Oh yes, Have a nice day!

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Weep For The American Republic

November 29, 2010 1 comment


Weep For The American Republic

Nov 29, 2010

We shall now weep for the American Republic (we are NOT a Democracy) as she takes her last dying gasp’s of air from her poisoned sky’s.

While Russia & China agree the dollar is worthless relegating our currency to the ash heap of history.

While Chinese submarines penetrate our SOSUS warning nets of the California coast and launch a missile with unknown intentions to the embarrassment and ineptitude of the head shed of the pentagon.

While 50 US nuclear missiles seemingly go off line all by themselves in their silos.

While North Korea hammers South Korea with mortar fire our Pentagon sends out yet another task force to provide security to one of our Allies instead of the homeland or the American people.

All this while America’s son’s and daughter’s fight, are maimed and die in distant lands for our security?

This mantra is regurgitated at over and over, how they fight, are wounded and die keeping Americans safe in their homes. Really?

All this while the likes of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC run stories of the shiny new “Third War” on our southern border.

A border between the US and the failed NARCO state of Mexico that is so porous and has enough tunnels to rival the likes of actual Swiss Cheese.

The shiny new war that Americans who refuse to drink the cool-aid have only been screaming about at the top of their lungs for over the past 3-5 year as they watch in horror as the violence and carnage intensify and spread across the border to our beloved republic.

All this while worthless politicians at every level, federal, state and local have meeting about meetings on the taxpayer dime, travel, dine and lodge in utter opulence while US children go hungry, the elderly go without heat and US veterans live under bridges.

All this while 1 out of 6 Americans can’t afford proper food, medicine and daily essentials while we continue to give away billions in foreign aid.

All this while the few American taxpayers lucky enough to still have a job or work for a business lucky enough to still be in business shell out $400.00 dollar per gallon to fight the war in Afghanistan.

All this while the contractor selected to make several billion off of $400.00 per gallon fuel for our troops is the very company who destroyed the fishing and tourism industry in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s right BP!

And yet there is no end in sight to the greed of the corporation or the gubment. When will it stop?

Will it stop when the dollar finally is in free fall? When the Pentagon has no more worthless green backs to by it’s billions in oil, bullets or beans?

Will our troops finally get to return from Afghanistan and Iraq? How will the world view our exodus from both of these theaters of operations?

Will they be sad that America can no longer feed or fuel her military?

As a former USAF NCO, I fully support our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines! They truly are the best of the best in every respect.

My concern lies with what will happen to them when there is no money to feed, clothe and fuel them in far off distant lands?

How will they be re-deployed? How will the billions in taxpayer funded tanks, helicopters, weapons systems be returned to the homeland to finally protect us in our homes?

Transportation of the US military is a mammoth task. I was a military logistician for Operation Iraqi Freedom and it took months and billions to move all of the equipment and personnel into position to execute the war.

In the reverse (redeployment ) the same holds true. Where will the money come from to bring them home? Cargo ships and cargo planes cost money, allot of money!

You see the average American “IS” beginning to awake, but in far too few numbers . Too many believe we will always be on top.

The Romans thought the same thing. Seen any Centurions lately? So while some are screaming, Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

Too many are concerned with other pressing issues as so eloquently depicted in the video below.

Is this what we have become? If so HOW can we survive? I submit we can NOT! America Weep as your demise beckons.

I write this with tears in my eyes for all the blood, that has been spilled to protect our flag, our shores and our people.

May G-d continue to Bless our troops and bring them home safely.

May the few screaming watchmen on the wall be heard as they scream the end is near before the end is really here.

Now that we have had our daily dose of happy, have a nice day!

This story posted via solar power. Not $400.00 dollar per gallon oil!

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Know Your Enemy! Knowlege Is A Force Multiplier!

October 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Know Your Enemy! Knowlwdge Is A Force Multiplier!

Last week I was invited to what I thought was a meeting about Bio-diesel here in our small town.

I was not informed that it was a political rally for the Rebublicrats. Had I known I would not have attended.

Why you ask? Are you not patriotic BlackCloud? The answer to that is yes, I AM patriotic.

I am however, not a fool.

Having served many years in the USAF on a mobility team I was trained to spot the enemy. I was also fortunate enough to visit many “hotspots” around the globe and witness the employment of enemy tactics.

Most of these “hotspots”were already in some sort of civil war/ up-heval/ un-rest (or I wouldn’t have been there).  

Thus I had many lessons/ schooling on how to recognize the road to a failed state.

What the road to chaos looks like, the process of it’s collapse, how there are ALLWAYS “Agent Provocateurs” present assisting in it’s collapse and the demise of it’s people for their own advantage/ agenda.

Weather it be a commercial entity, foreign military power, nation state or it’s own domestic political party/ agenda/ despot, they all have something to gain by the suffering of others.

After all, have we not been the “Agent Provocateur” in conflicts/ regions around the globe? Of course we have. To assume otherwise would be remiss.

That being said, should we be so naive to assume that there are not people in our own nation, be it foreign entity’s or domestic despots who are trying to foment our own demise?

To ignore said would be to our peril would it not? If we choose to step back and take a long hard look around, these enemies become visible as they hide in plain site.

Are these terrorists who are wearing Keffiyeh ObyWan? Is that how we spot them? No Grasshopper, these entities are far more nefarious.

They are like the chameleon, they blend in with society. They are far more dangerous harbinger’s of doom as they are not clad in Muslim garb toting the proverbial AK-47 but in $2000 dollar suits wielding an ink pen.

They are masters of deception and psywar operations. They have been schooled by the best. They have no fear of detection as they approach you extending a cold hand and a strong grip to perpetuate and project the power they wield.

We have a name for them, it’s not Taliban nor Mujaheddin Warrior or even Al-Qaeda it is however the Rebublicrat.

The Republicrat is a cunning warrior not to be lightly dismissed as inert. He/ she is well armed, well financed, has it’s own intelligence gathering entities and propaganda agencies.

It can come and go as it pleases as it has it’s own aircraft and no shortage of funds. It has interdicted the supply lines of it’s subjects and funnels off their wealth by the minute while using it against them at every turn.

If it’s subjects don’t toil hard enough to provide it’s funding, it has it’s own counterfeiting operation and can easily print seemingly valuable funds at will to accomplish it’s destructive mission.

It has a mystical hypnotic effect over it’s subjects as well. Even though all are aware of it’s existence, when encountered by it, most instantly forgo the danger and extend their hand to pet it, smile and even pose for pictures with it!

Are these subjects blind to the dangers or hopelessly enamored with the celebrity status or power of these enemies of the state?

Does the Republicrat simply overpower the subjects with the sweet smell of worthless reserve note bills, power, promises of entitlement or personal gain?

It seems that this cunning foe has all of it’s bases covered. It has taken control of the schools so it can indoctrinate future plebs to obedience.

It removes morality and family values at every turn while promulgating it’s agenda of thuggery, violence, sex and subservience through video games, the internet it’s controlled media.

As it steals the wealth of the nation by issuing illegal fiat IOU’s for currency, it de-values all in it’s path, causing the surf’s to work harder and harder to maintain their homes and families.

It continues to give away billions in “foreign aid” from the nations cauffers while it’s population endures fiscal bailouts of corrupt bankers, auto makers and industrialists.

All this while the nation is increasingly forced to rely on government programs such as food stamps just to feed itself.

Yet the subjects allow these enemies to gallivant across their nation being treated as royalty, courted, wined and dined, residing in the best hotels and paying for nothing as it is forfeited by a hypnotized public.

This enemy can woo half of the nation into becoming dependent on it’s supplies which it pilfers from the other half.

It constantly warns of an external threat to it’s subjects instilling fear in the herd causing them to work even harder to fund it’s operations against a fictitious foe.

It wastes the youth and brightest of the nation in endless overseas battles, restricting the war-fighter at every turn with deadly ROE’s (Rules of Engagement) causing them to be physically burned, maimed and psychologically scared.

It has infiltrated the nations military, police and courts at the highest levels and in doing so has a willing accomplice.

It has achieved it’s goals for the nation, a military and police force divided against itself.

The troops and police in the field make up the nations population and wish it no harm, but are restricted by traitorous orders from the enemies above.

How can the nation survive such subterfuge? By knowing the enemy, by defeating him not from the top down but from the bottom up.

The nation must regain control over it’s supply lines, currency, industry, military and schools.

By choking off enemy supply you choke the enemy.

Knowledge is a “Force Multiplier” Study The Enemy!

The clock is ticking and time in short supply. We either defeat these enemies on the political battlefield or a bloody battlefield, the choice is in the hands of the people. Do with it as you see fit.

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Health Prep & Coming Out Of The World

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is another article on why we should be in the world and not of it. Case in Point;

If you are not aware of this please pass it on to your friends, families and loved ones. This is about aspartame, what it is in and why.


Is it only me or are you noticing more and more ordinary folks, not health guru’s or the like talking about shopping differently, reading the labels on what ingredients are in what etc. etc.?

Being concerned about the ingredients of vaccines and the like?

Are they being infected with the tree-hugging wacko gene or are they being spiritually awakened by a higher power?

I opt for the latter not the former. I am no tree hugger although some of my best friends are.

I DO believe in being a good steward of what we have been given and love the beauty of G_d’s creations.

I DO NOT kill animals for sport, but do believe there is a humane way to use animals for food.

I am a member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals).

I am part American Indian, thus my Nome de guerre & military call sign of BlackCloud has a two fold meaning.

    1) While serving in the USAF I deployed to the crappiest places on the planet and whilst being deployed in said area, crap happens. Sooner (usually than later) a pattern develops and we begin to see a trend.
    2)  After others deployed with me on numerous missions, they too could observe the cloud of doom that seemed to stalk us at every turn.

Thus the none de guerre/ moniker had attached itself to me like an Alabama Tic along with other monikers that were to foul to be repeated outside the august company of my military brothers and sisters with whom I served. 

It wasn’t until after my career came to a close I realized that I WAS part American Indian and noticed the spiritual tractor beam drawing me away from the dark side and back to a simpler lifestyle, one closer to that of my ancestors.

Thus the resurrection of my call-sign BlackCloud.

However, it’s current purpose seems to be to warn others of the blackcloud surrounding us all.

The one of corporate greed and government malfeasance, that without knowledge of the threat we face, would draw us all into the black hole of the dark side of modern western life.

Knowledge is the ultimate force multiplier! Fill your quiver!

So if you are reading more labels, taking longer to shop, noticing that you can’t eat the foods that you used to, it may not only be an effect of getting a little longer in the tooth but because of what Yeshua said whilst he was here.

Be in the world , not of it.

He also said “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6

And  the next line (that many never read says?) Gotcha! You have to look for yourself!

Come out of the system Grasshopper!!

 More and more people are waking up to the fact that the pharmaceutical, corporate farming giants do NOT care about anything except you’re monetary allegiance to the snake oils they pedal listed in the “good for you” category.

Please listen to the voice in your head and the one in your gut, the one that is screaming read the label or your gut telling you please don’t feed me that again.

Look into the facts on Aspartame, Gluten, Carageenan, MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup (now changing it’s name to “Corn Sugar”).

If it’s a good product why would you want to change the name after investing millions to sell it in the first place?

Do you due diligence and your homework. These corporate demons may make this dung, but you DO NOT have to buy or ingest it.

Good Health & Fitness Are Paramount To Survival, Only With A Healthy Diet Can  Achieve Either.

Shalom and L’Chayim

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Health Prepping For SHTF Scenario’s

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

As of late I have become even more health conscious and am working on peak fitness.  We need to be healthy & fit as possible to be able to work long hours in stressful conditions.

Peak fitness helps to ward off illness. These two subjects would be paramount in a SHTF scenario.

I have switched to Tom’s natural toothpaste (no fluoride) also to aluminum free deodorant. I am off (or trying to be off, as it is in some 5000 products) High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I have never been one to use Aspartame, (It was introduced by none other than Donald Rumsfeld) of all people. You might as well eat cancer sells than use Aspartame.

I am also Lactose intolerant &  have done some reading on the topic and have found out that this can be a natural condition, but it can also come from the “processing” of these products.

I am doing a podcast soon on the “Raw Milk Black-market” black-market you ask? YES! Why would there be a black-market for raw milk? If there is a black-market then it must be illegal right? Wait, it’s milk, why would it be illegal?

Because it is actually GOOD for you. Farmers are selling raw goats milk for anywhere from 8 – $15.00 a gallon, the reason? Because other people are lactose intolerant and the raw milk has some healing properties to it because of the natural bacteria’s in it.

I love cream in my coffee, I don’t use sugar. I can’t really use milk, so we buy (what we thought) was a healthy version of Half & Half from Ingles. It’s the only large grocery store here in our small town.

But I still was experiencing stomach distress with the now “healthy” Half & Half. After some research I discovered most creamers use what is called Carrageenan.

Is it dangerous and can it cause bloating or distress in the stomach? Oh Yeah. Why? Well it is a substance commonly used in aircraft de-icing fluid!

It is extracted from Red Seaweed using powerful solvents (paint thinners) these solvents will peel and burn skin so this can’t be good. It is also used as a powerful glue on the label’s of your favorite beer. MMMMM BEER 

So here is a link on info concerning this wonder substance.

Do your research and get off of these poisons. You see the establishment does NOT have your best interest in mind.

Their goal is to keep you sick, in poor health and dependent on the drug companies for more poison to cure your poison induced illness. Get it?

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A Time For Urgency

August 29, 2010 Leave a comment

While reading the blogs of friends and FaceBook posts,  I am detecting the affirmation of a sense of foreboding and urgency I have been experiencing as of late.

I believe things happen for a reason, I also believe in conformation, when you see, read or hear the same topic over and over again from numerous different sources, it is usually a good indicator of someone trying to tell you something.

That little voice which some call intuition, others call a sixth sense has been working over time with me and  many of my colleges and friends.

The “voice” along with my dreams and numerous news articles all seem to indicate the harbingers of doom at our doorstep.

Being a Gulf and Bosnian war vet and having worked in the Mid East as a DoD contractor for numerous years, I have been warning that this fall could become very dangerous with respect to a Mid East war between Israel and Iran.

All of us know that a summer war in the Mid East is possible but not recommended due to the extreme heat.

Having said that, the horsemen seem to be saddling up and the war drums are beginning to sound for an all out confrontation very soon.

Israel prepping for war with Iran?

Jewish state orders military fuel from U.S. Defense Department

The conflict between Israel & Iran could erupt at a moment’s notice.

This is not at all comforting considering the US uses 25% of the worlds energy is basically bankrupt.

What would the implications of such a conflict have on the US and other “developed” nations in this point in time?

All it would take is for the Iranians to sink a super tanker in the Straits of Hormuz (which they have said they will do) and it’s lights out for the western world.

Especially the bankrupt United States. 
I’m not terribly confident in a flotilla of international aid coming to our rescue, are you?

The moment the “spigot” of Mid East oil runs dry the US and most western economies, already reeling from poor management , corruption, greed and pilfering will collapse.

What could we do in the case of such a catastrophe? Not very much.

Oh come on this is America you say! That’s not gonna happen here!

We are currently feeling the effects of a bankrupt economy at the Dept of Defense level.

Don’t think so? Read this article from The Joint Chiefs Of Staff.
National Debt Poses Security Threat, Mullen Says

With US Forces deployed in well over 50 nations at this moment, with all of their equipment, (which equals OUR military equipment and might) the situation hits danger close here at home.

With a now worthless dollar, two wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and a full blown Mid East conflict all while the oil spigot is in the off position, it doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict the outcome for an oil dependent and broke US.

First: Fuel Rationing!

Second: A breakdown in basic services such as hospitals, water and sewage treatment followed by blackouts as a precursor to full blown grid collapse.

Most hospitals have only 3 days of reserve diesel fuel for their generators.

Third: wide spread chaos due to cuts in police, fire, (neither able to respond) due to critical fuel shortages.

There is a saying, “We are all nine meals away from chaos”, or three days of food.

In all disasters, disaster simulations or models the grocery stores are empty in 72 hours.
With that in mind let’s look at what may come next.

Four: Trucking, everything you eat, wear, purchase to resupply your family, home or business comes to you via truck.

All food and fuel deliveries will be for emergencies only and at a minimum for the Gubment, while sporadic if not non existent for the rest of us.

Any food in your freezer will spoil unless you have back-up power and can refrigerate. Drugs that need refrigeration will perish, so will the people who need them.

Criminals will be on the march knowing the police will not be able to respond, rape, murder, wide spread looting will run rampant.

Now let’s look at our border situation and terror threats. The 25 or so years of insecure borders could also rear it’s ugly head in this scenario.

 Most terror experts agree that there are numerous terror cells operating in the US on our soil.

And then there is this! Huge Cache Of Weapons Found Near Mexican Border

We know that Hezbollah has infiltrated the US border and plans attacks on US citizens.

What better time to do this then when the US Police are not in a position to respond?

Back to the US Forces deployed overseas, there will be no way to carry on the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

How would we pay for fuel for the war machine or to ship bullets and beans to them?

In that case we would bring them home right?

Without the ability to pay for fuel or shipping how will they and all of our military equipment get home?

Being a military logistics guy by trade, 90% or more of our equipment get’s into “Theater” and out again by commercial cargo vessels that (the Gubment) charters.

These vessels require fuel which requires money if you can even get the fuel!

The Army, (that’s right the Army) and the Navy do have some cargo vessels but not nearly enough to move all of equipment home and must be supplemented by commercial carrier.

It is also a mammoth undertaking to redeploy the troops requiring numerous personel & months at a minimum.

All operating on a worthless dollar and no fuel?

Some will be airlifted yes, but not the heavy’s like the Tanks etc etc.

Now we start to see how that could effect us here in the US where we no longer have a manufacturing base on which to draw to resupply our depleted war machine.

Russia and China are both having water and wheat problems which equal pandemonium in their respective counties.

They WILL come looking for food!

Now , with the dollar dead, our power and communication grids in the toilet, our troops and equipment basically stranded in overseas conflicts and no leadership here at the helm, the picture gets eerily more grim.

So PLEASE, read the alternative news media, listen to that voice telling you to prepare, prepare, prepare!

Listen to your gut feeling or the gut feeling of a loved one when they voice their concerns that something very dangerous this way comes and respond accordingly.

Do your own research, learn new skills, learn old skills, hunting, planting, get in shape, learn to shoot, stock up on supplies, look for alternate forms of energy while you can because tomorrow we could hear the hooves of the horsemen at our doorstep!

May G-d bless you and may He save the United States Of America!

This Blog Was Written & Posted By Solar Power!

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While Rome Burns & The American Government Slept

August 11, 2010 Leave a comment

While Rome Burns & Most Of America Sleeps:

This morning while sucking down my daily dose of brain function juice (coffee) I was reading the headlines and my e-mail when I received a message from my friend Lisa “The Survival Mom” about the Senate shooting down the Grid Safety Act or H.R 5026.


I had to choke on my coffee. Why you may ask?


This bill would have put physical protective measures into place to prevent damage to the nations electrical power grid in the event of a natural or man made EMP or “electromagnetic pulse”


EMP can be a naturally occurring phenomenon that is caused by solar storms of many sizes, the worst being a CME or “coronal mass ejection”.


The last largest EMP to hit the US of any significance was from a CME in late August & early September of 1859. It started on August 28th and continued through Sept 2.


The effects then were basically fried (as in burnt to the ground) telegraph wires and not much else. Oh well, that’s good right Oby Wan? No Grasshopper that’s still bad.


The reason that’s still bad is because if we were to have EMP now of the size of the one in 1859, we would be pushed back about 100 years in an instant.


Everything that relies on microchips and computers would fail, modern cars (with computers) ATM’s, all electronic banking records and transactions wiped clean in literally one second while most people on the ground would be none the wiser.


Cell phones, airplanes, water treatment facilities, refrigeration, gas station pumps, oil refineries, ships that bring oil, farm tractors (newer ones anyway) that utilize computers could no longer work farms and on and on and on.


Don’t believe me? The guys at NASA say the same thing and have been warning the diplo-dunks in DC about this very problem to no obvious avail.

The second and more sinister form of EMP is man made or a “TERRORIST” type EMP that can be caused by a missile fired above the center of the country from a cargo vessel causing a cascading grid failure of the entire nation resulting in all of the same failures mentioned above.


Club K Video:  At last check Al-Qaida owned over 100 cargo vessels.


This is not something we as a nation or people could recover from quickly, months or most likley even years could be required to restore electric power to the entire nation due to the fact we no longer manufacture large electrical transformers in this country.


I highly recommend reading the book “One Second After” by Bill Forstchen on this very subject. It will give you a reality gut check on the havoc this would create.


It ain’t gonna be pretty!


What does any of this have to do with my morning coffee & Lisa you may ask? Remember her? Well Grasshopper , it has everything to do with what Lisa mentioned to me above about HR 5026 and how it was dumped for a clean energy bill instead.


By the way, I was informed that my illustrious representatives are NOT hard at work on these problems because they are on “recess.” Sound childish? Consider the source!


HR 5026 would have put electric grid protective measures in place to prevent all of the failures mentioned above.


Instead they opted not to protect the energy grid we currently have but opted for clean energy bill instead. I guess they were right, NO energy is ultimately the cleanest form energy there is, right?


Our business name is Survival Solar Systems, and we do use solar, however we also use diesel generators, batteries and are adding small wind turbines.

We are also looking into wood-gas to run a generator to recharge our battery bank, (watch for a coming podcast on that topic.)


Lesson is, don’t put all of your energy dollars in one basket. Redundancy is key when it comes to energy.


What does all of this have to do with Rome burning and people snoozing?


Well how many even know what EMP is or the effects that it could have on modern society? Not many.


The Tea Parties are great, but we must asses our enemy and realize these diplo-dunks are smarter than they look.


They are keeping you busy hoping and praying for a change in November which I wholeheartedly support, however while you are focused on that very change, “THEY” (The Infamous They) seem to be doing all they can to destroy our ability to prepare or defend against any of these impending catastrophes.


And many impending catastrophes they are. Weather It be financial, EMP, Gun Rights, Food Safety Act HR 875 (which makes it illegal to have a garden) and vitamins are declared toxic under Codex Alimentarius in this bill or a form of it, they have us on the ropes and they want to knock us out.


Most of America is awake on the political front, which is a GOOD thing but very asleep in any real sense of knowing what is ongoing behind the political curtain.


Don’t allow all of your time to be consumed with endless calling and e-mailing of your representatives, In my humble opinion, your time may be far better spent in prepping for all of the above calamities to the extent that you can.


As you progress in getting off the grid and out of the system you will begin to feel a peace of knowing you no longer contribute to the machine that wants nothing more than to control every aspect of your life and the lives of your family.


In doing so you can actually grasp the ever fleeting freedom that those still reliant on the grid and the financial system will never know until it’s ultimately removed from them.


Something to ponder, would you rather work  your butt off now in preparation for you and your family or surrender to the machine as a slave in a work camp for a cold hard bed and a crumb of gubment cheese?


Now that we’ve had our daily dose of happy, have a nice day!

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