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The Second American Revolution

July 30, 2011 1 comment

The Second American Revolution:

As we come to the middle of 2011, so many things are happening in our world. Earthquakes, volcano’s tropical storms, tornadoes, the debt ceiling, the wars in how many countries?

The “Theatrics” in Washington and now, the 2012 election rears it’s ugly head, and on and on and on it’s enough to make you hurl!

Many of you, if you’re reading my words are “seekers” and know the the main stream media is devoid of any real news, espousing only propaganda from the Reich.

The “newscasters” are not opinionated sages, nor wisdom dripping oracles but in fact, paid script readers.

“Wizards” who are experts at slide of hand to focus the sleeping “sheeple” on the right hand while the left steals their human rights, liberties and wallets.

As they regurgitate their nightly/ hourly diatribes on how bad things are (and they are) they are doing the work of their masters.

They manipulate the masses into a politically motivated frenzy as easily as a goathearder on a mountian in Afghanistan. This culminates in the birth of the “Tea Party” and other like organizations which in my opinion are both good and bad.

Let’s examine the Tea Party and it’s like:

First, there is the good, they do have the effect of awakening the sleeping giant, but is it to the truth he or she awakes?

Second, if the giant is awakened, but not to the truth, what have we gained?

Make NO mistake, we are in a “War” for our very freedoms and survival of those who come after us.

The War “machine” is focused on the one thing all war machines focus on, victory at any cost.

As we watch and read  about drone strikes in distant lands we can only surmise the character of the machine we at home may face.

The opposing force knows no flag or nation state, it upholds no traditions of honor or integrity of same, it cares NOT about collateral damage to innocents but only to it’s own end, it’s corporate bottom line and it’s victory.

This is a global war, in essence WWIII that has already begun. It is being waged by the hour through “psywar ops” on the ground, in  the streets, on  the farms, in the grocery stores and in the media as we discussed above.

So in my humble opinion the Tea Party is late to the battlefield, they seek to start a peaceful revolution, when in fact we should be focused on stopping the revolution that has already begun.

As with any war against a superior force (they have all the money) we must examine where they are weak and we are strong.

We can not go toe to toe against them, to even imply such would be utter folly.

Examine resistance movements from other conflicts throughout history where a small force has defeated the larger better equipped OPFOR.

Direct conflict is sure suicide, small forces thrive on mobility, speed, subversion, and  interdiction to inflict pain and suffering on the larger force.

So to stop this bloodless (so far on our soil) coups d’état what must we do?

Violence is NOT the answer, getting your pitchfork and torch and heading to the capital is NOT the answer. In fact they salivate at the very thought of just that.

No, we must act with stealth, we must use slide of hand against them, we must act as the Jujitsu Master and use their bloated weight against them keeping them off balance.

How do we do this O Wise One?

As the history shows we must hit them where it hurts, THEIR wallet ( which = OUR wallet), we must work from the bottom up, not the top down. Where are they weak? Their size!

To move a machine of their bloated girth requires what? Fuel, which equals money!

We need to run them out of gas as in the movie Battle of the Bulge. Their gas is what? Money which equals control.

But they have the power, don’t they?

Do They?

If we were to exercise free thinking, personal sovereignty over our own lives, coupled with a little elbow grease and sweat we could begin to throw Goliath off balance by starving the machine of its insatiable thirst for fuel..

By getting off grid, growing some of your food, producing some of your own electricity, forming barter groups, buying local, working within your community to increase awareness of the real truth of our current and future situations we can achieve OUR mission endgame.

To starve them we need to be producers, NOT CONSUMERS, remember they “the infamous they” DO NOT PRODUCE anything!

If we become our own producers we lower the amount of money we need to live. Less income equals less revenue. This in the long term starves the machine and runs it out of gas.

Forget about the 2012 election, it’s all puppet and master, IMHO your time is better spent on preperations. I no longer believe our vote has counted since JFK.

I know Ron Paul and the like. Remember last ime after all the money he received , he did what? He dropped out.

Put it this way, has any, ANY congressman or “Law-maker” ever really tried to do away with the FED? Or to instill “Sound Money”? No.

The last two who did that most have heard of are JFK and Honest Abe.

Ask yourself why and you will arrive at your destination.

Do your due diligence, watch “The Money Masters”on Youtube: Link below,

Look up the meaning of Capitis Diminutio Maxima and do your research. There is no excuse for ignorance.

Being a victim is a choice!

Turn off the TV that destroys your critical thinking ability.

Think of it this way, if the program you are watching can’t teach you anything, is it of any value to you or your family?

Get outside and get to work, get fit, read the labels on what you buy to eat and drink, do your research.

Stop poisoning yourselves and your children with fast food because it’s convenient for you. So what if little Johnny is 10 years old and is a 180lb diabetic? Right?

Wake up and fight the battle! It can be done, get together with people of like mind and spirit! Every day is a battle but another day closer to victory.

In the end the war can be won.

If we look ahead to the day of victory it will not be one of flag waving and victory celebrations, but one of weeping for the lost and looking forward to the long arduous journey of rebuilding what what was once a great nation.

It should be one of teaching the youth of that day to look for the signs that were EVERYWHERE but ignored by the lazy, lethargic and sluggard.

It should be taught in the history books when the second American Revolution began the American people didn’t even notice.

It will be looked upon by the Remnant as the period of shame of the American people who were given the gift of a free Republic but chose comfort over vigilance and in the end could not keep it.

Now that we have had our daily dose of reality, get busy and Oh yes, Have a nice day!

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