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Weep For The American Republic


Weep For The American Republic

Nov 29, 2010

We shall now weep for the American Republic (we are NOT a Democracy) as she takes her last dying gasp’s of air from her poisoned sky’s.

While Russia & China agree the dollar is worthless relegating our currency to the ash heap of history.


While Chinese submarines penetrate our SOSUS warning nets of the California coast and launch a missile with unknown intentions to the embarrassment and ineptitude of the head shed of the pentagon.


While 50 US nuclear missiles seemingly go off line all by themselves in their silos.


While North Korea hammers South Korea with mortar fire our Pentagon sends out yet another task force to provide security to one of our Allies instead of the homeland or the American people.


All this while America’s son’s and daughter’s fight, are maimed and die in distant lands for our security?

This mantra is regurgitated at over and over, how they fight, are wounded and die keeping Americans safe in their homes. Really?

All this while the likes of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC run stories of the shiny new “Third War” on our southern border.

A border between the US and the failed NARCO state of Mexico that is so porous and has enough tunnels to rival the likes of actual Swiss Cheese.

The shiny new war that Americans who refuse to drink the cool-aid have only been screaming about at the top of their lungs for over the past 3-5 year as they watch in horror as the violence and carnage intensify and spread across the border to our beloved republic.

All this while worthless politicians at every level, federal, state and local have meeting about meetings on the taxpayer dime, travel, dine and lodge in utter opulence while US children go hungry, the elderly go without heat and US veterans live under bridges.

All this while 1 out of 6 Americans can’t afford proper food, medicine and daily essentials while we continue to give away billions in foreign aid.


All this while the few American taxpayers lucky enough to still have a job or work for a business lucky enough to still be in business shell out $400.00 dollar per gallon to fight the war in Afghanistan.


All this while the contractor selected to make several billion off of $400.00 per gallon fuel for our troops is the very company who destroyed the fishing and tourism industry in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s right BP!


And yet there is no end in sight to the greed of the corporation or the gubment. When will it stop?

Will it stop when the dollar finally is in free fall? When the Pentagon has no more worthless green backs to by it’s billions in oil, bullets or beans?

Will our troops finally get to return from Afghanistan and Iraq? How will the world view our exodus from both of these theaters of operations?

Will they be sad that America can no longer feed or fuel her military?

As a former USAF NCO, I fully support our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines! They truly are the best of the best in every respect.

My concern lies with what will happen to them when there is no money to feed, clothe and fuel them in far off distant lands?

How will they be re-deployed? How will the billions in taxpayer funded tanks, helicopters, weapons systems be returned to the homeland to finally protect us in our homes?

Transportation of the US military is a mammoth task. I was a military logistician for Operation Iraqi Freedom and it took months and billions to move all of the equipment and personnel into position to execute the war.

In the reverse (redeployment ) the same holds true. Where will the money come from to bring them home? Cargo ships and cargo planes cost money, allot of money!

You see the average American “IS” beginning to awake, but in far too few numbers . Too many believe we will always be on top.

The Romans thought the same thing. Seen any Centurions lately? So while some are screaming, Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

Too many are concerned with other pressing issues as so eloquently depicted in the video below.

Is this what we have become? If so HOW can we survive? I submit we can NOT! America Weep as your demise beckons.

I write this with tears in my eyes for all the blood, that has been spilled to protect our flag, our shores and our people.

May G-d continue to Bless our troops and bring them home safely.

May the few screaming watchmen on the wall be heard as they scream the end is near before the end is really here.

Now that we have had our daily dose of happy, have a nice day!

This story posted via solar power. Not $400.00 dollar per gallon oil!

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  1. November 29, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Great Job Mikey! keep it going!!

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