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Health Prepping For SHTF Scenario’s

As of late I have become even more health conscious and am working on peak fitness.  We need to be healthy & fit as possible to be able to work long hours in stressful conditions.

Peak fitness helps to ward off illness. These two subjects would be paramount in a SHTF scenario.

I have switched to Tom’s natural toothpaste (no fluoride) also to aluminum free deodorant. I am off (or trying to be off, as it is in some 5000 products) High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I have never been one to use Aspartame, (It was introduced by none other than Donald Rumsfeld) of all people. You might as well eat cancer sells than use Aspartame.

I am also Lactose intolerant &  have done some reading on the topic and have found out that this can be a natural condition, but it can also come from the “processing” of these products.

I am doing a podcast soon on the “Raw Milk Black-market” black-market you ask? YES! Why would there be a black-market for raw milk? If there is a black-market then it must be illegal right? Wait, it’s milk, why would it be illegal?

Because it is actually GOOD for you. Farmers are selling raw goats milk for anywhere from 8 – $15.00 a gallon, the reason? Because other people are lactose intolerant and the raw milk has some healing properties to it because of the natural bacteria’s in it.

I love cream in my coffee, I don’t use sugar. I can’t really use milk, so we buy (what we thought) was a healthy version of Half & Half from Ingles. It’s the only large grocery store here in our small town.

But I still was experiencing stomach distress with the now “healthy” Half & Half. After some research I discovered most creamers use what is called Carrageenan.

Is it dangerous and can it cause bloating or distress in the stomach? Oh Yeah. Why? Well it is a substance commonly used in aircraft de-icing fluid!

It is extracted from Red Seaweed using powerful solvents (paint thinners) these solvents will peel and burn skin so this can’t be good. It is also used as a powerful glue on the label’s of your favorite beer. MMMMM BEER 

So here is a link on info concerning this wonder substance. http://www.notmilk.com/carageenan.html

Do your research and get off of these poisons. You see the establishment does NOT have your best interest in mind.

Their goal is to keep you sick, in poor health and dependent on the drug companies for more poison to cure your poison induced illness. Get it?

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