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Health Prep & Coming Out Of The World

Here is another article on why we should be in the world and not of it. Case in Point;

If you are not aware of this please pass it on to your friends, families and loved ones. This is about aspartame, what it is in and why.



Is it only me or are you noticing more and more ordinary folks, not health guru’s or the like talking about shopping differently, reading the labels on what ingredients are in what etc. etc.?

Being concerned about the ingredients of vaccines and the like?

Are they being infected with the tree-hugging wacko gene or are they being spiritually awakened by a higher power?

I opt for the latter not the former. I am no tree hugger although some of my best friends are.

I DO believe in being a good steward of what we have been given and love the beauty of G_d’s creations.

I DO NOT kill animals for sport, but do believe there is a humane way to use animals for food.

I am a member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals).

I am part American Indian, thus my Nome de guerre & military call sign of BlackCloud has a two fold meaning.

    1) While serving in the USAF I deployed to the crappiest places on the planet and whilst being deployed in said area, crap happens. Sooner (usually than later) a pattern develops and we begin to see a trend.
    2)  After others deployed with me on numerous missions, they too could observe the cloud of doom that seemed to stalk us at every turn.

Thus the none de guerre/ moniker had attached itself to me like an Alabama Tic along with other monikers that were to foul to be repeated outside the august company of my military brothers and sisters with whom I served. 

It wasn’t until after my career came to a close I realized that I WAS part American Indian and noticed the spiritual tractor beam drawing me away from the dark side and back to a simpler lifestyle, one closer to that of my ancestors.

Thus the resurrection of my call-sign BlackCloud.

However, it’s current purpose seems to be to warn others of the blackcloud surrounding us all.

The one of corporate greed and government malfeasance, that without knowledge of the threat we face, would draw us all into the black hole of the dark side of modern western life.

Knowledge is the ultimate force multiplier! Fill your quiver!

So if you are reading more labels, taking longer to shop, noticing that you can’t eat the foods that you used to, it may not only be an effect of getting a little longer in the tooth but because of what Yeshua said whilst he was here.

Be in the world , not of it.

He also said “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6

And  the next line (that many never read says?) Gotcha! You have to look for yourself!

Come out of the system Grasshopper!!

 More and more people are waking up to the fact that the pharmaceutical, corporate farming giants do NOT care about anything except you’re monetary allegiance to the snake oils they pedal listed in the “good for you” category.

Please listen to the voice in your head and the one in your gut, the one that is screaming read the label or your gut telling you please don’t feed me that again.

Look into the facts on Aspartame, Gluten, Carageenan, MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup (now changing it’s name to “Corn Sugar”).

If it’s a good product why would you want to change the name after investing millions to sell it in the first place?

Do you due diligence and your homework. These corporate demons may make this dung, but you DO NOT have to buy or ingest it.

Good Health & Fitness Are Paramount To Survival, Only With A Healthy Diet Can  Achieve Either.

Shalom and L’Chayim

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