With all of the current problems facing our nation and lest we forget, the world, are we soon going to reach critical mass?

After all there is the,

Economy, when our national credit rating IS down graded (and it will be) will that effect Joe Bag O’ Donuts in any way?

Energy: If Israel were to attack Iran tonight (morning over there) what would happen to the western world nations that are oil based economies?

The Border: More and more evidence of Hamas operation in Mexico seems to be appearing in the news, could this effect us at all?

Terror: Too may threats to even list that are publicized, what about how many terrorist are already here from across our wide open northern and southern borders

The answers to all of the above are yes , yes, yes and Oh Crap yes!

What will “Critical Mass” Look like, do we not find it strange that the government is buying 1 million doses of anthrax vaccine (for the citizens right?) while the immune systems of the people of the Gulf coast are being eroded by corexit 9500 and the rest of us from chemicals and chemtrails?

Life imitates Hollywood, Discovery has a new version of “The Colony” to make it’s debut this month about a mass die off of the US populace from bioterror induced disease.

With no manufacturing base, debt, poor health, an overly obese population who is glued to American Idol” while Rome is burning is a recipe for disaster.

Now turn off the electricity through terror or any plethora of causes and millions will die from that alone.

All of the above in conjunction with zero leadership at the helm and we are toast as a nation.

Why have survival shows,web sites and products that used to be scorned as stupid and the people who tout them as whack jobs and psychos now gone “mainstream”?

Maybe something wicked this way comes hey?

I hope that you out there are taking all of these in your face warnings to heart, anyone who doesn’t (I believe) does so at their peril, but then again (according to them) I am a G_d Loving, gun toting military veteran who prays for the apocalypse daily.

But the real question is, am I someone who we all hope is wrong, when we all really know deep down that what myself and people like me have been screaming at the top of our lungs forever  are actually right but are too afraid to admit it and thus have to address it?

I hope we can all have a moment of lucidity to examine where we are going as individuals and as a nation before we do reach “Critical Mass”

Now that were are all happy, have a nice day!

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